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Solar Benefits

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How You Can Benefit from Solar

  • Any power that you don't use from your solar electric system literally spins your meter backwards, and you receive a credit from your utility company. This is called "net metering". Net metering allows any utility customer to gain credit for electricity generated with solar energy and unused power sent backwards through the utility meter. Effectively, it allows you to generate excess power during the day, and use it at night without the use of batteries.
  • The renewable energy credits (RECs) can be applied at retail rates, and in the middle of the day that means your credits stack up quickly. You then draw the power at night when rates are low. What a deal! This is called "time of use" metering.
  • In most states, the more power you use, the more you are charged based on your tiered usage. Solar helps by eliminating your usage in the high tiers and thus brings down your bills by shaving off the expensive power first. This is called tier shaving. (This is part of the Smart Grid System coming soon.)
  • Electric rates have historically increased at a higher rate than inflation over time. So the ability to fix your long term cost of energy yields a higher return on your investment over time.

How Using Solar Energy Helps the Planet

  • Reduce pollution
  • Stabilize electric costs
  • Lessen dependence on fossil fuels
  • Increase self-reliance
  • Increase local jobs & economic development
  • Preserve natural resources
  • Make a long-term commitment to the planet’s future
  • Strengthen energy security & long term affordability

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